Green Sheikh | Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi



I'm used to hearing this type of "be a leader, think of things bigger than yourself, believe in yourself" talks, but Shiekh Abdul Aziz Al Nuaimi went about it in a unique way. I like that he focuses on the youth who are the leaders of tomorrow and are the ones who will likely produce needed change. Influential people, who can create change today, are likely happy with the status quo because they are powerful and influential, so little incentive likely exists for them to change things, but the youth is starting from the bottom and have every incentive to create the best "top" there can be. He seems like a humble, approachable, respectful man. I am excited and optimistic about his work.


Armando Santin, 21. ,

Rolilns College, USA. 

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