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Welcome to my new website!


I am glad that we have found each other! This space is a unique opportunity to get to know people, and to create a global community with others who have the same interests... To share thoughts; ideas; and projects; with an overall focus towards the environment and humanity as a whole.

Throughout this website, I will connect and communicate with you directly, and will ask that you encourage others to also come and join us as well, because together we can bring about positive changes that are so desperately needed. We can be the breathe of fresh air - literally, that bravely faces the challenging panorama that we have today... That of humanity living harmoniously within the environment, while simultaneously being self-sustainable.

Today, we have endless opportunities to tackle the current social and environmental issues through technology; while providing effective solutions. Technology can improve our lives, and it can also make them more sustainable. The online digital and social communities for instance, are extremely influential today! They can provide us with effective channels to encourage ourselves and others, to make the decision to become outstanding guardians and stewards of this planet.

It is a simple question that we all have to ask ourselves, “Are we for, or against, being the care givers of this planet which we all co-dependently call 'home'?”  I believe that together, we will protect the future for  generations to come.