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What is a Green Sheikh ?

Green stands for

G for Global, because we live in a global community;

R for Rethink, because we need to rethink how we interact with each other, and with the natural resources;

E for enlightenment, because we need guidance and a way to follow; the other;

E for ethics -- for morals and values;

N for network, we cannot live alone, as individuals, but we can live together as a Network;


Sheikh Stands for

S for Sheikh;

H for Humble;

E for Environment;

I for Ihsan;

K for Knowledge;

H for Human Being that he is;



What is key for success for the environment globally ?

The key to success is global collaboration and partnership between public, private sectors and NGOs.

The collective intelligence of them working together.

We can say it's a problem ... or we can say it's an opportunity. One of the most vital issues is cultural and behavioral change.

How can we protect the environment ?

We are all responsible for it. We must do it ourselves. Protecting is not just about removing harmful things from the environment. It begins with cleaning our hearts and cleaning our minds. We must really think about the consequences of what we are doing. Then start with small steps and small incremental changes.

What actions did you take ?

That experience transformed me. I decided to go to the people and to the community, to share what I have learned; to begin work to save the environment. Many thought I was crazy. They told me there were laborers for the dirty jobs and the cleanup. They wondered why I wanted to be involved. They questioned my ability to make a difference.

Why did you change from polluter to environmentalist ?

It was a personal journey that started In 1996. For three years I worked in the oil and petrochemical industry; then in natural gas liquefaction plant. I smelled and breathed sulfur dioxide from the air; I literally drank low lethal doses of hydrogen sulfide; I was contaminated with complex hazardous waste. I could feel it from the inside and especially when I ate. My lungs were filled with toxic waste and irritated; my breathing became labored. I saw people die from exposure to that toxic environment.

Today, what is of greatest importance to you ?

Youth, and empowering youth. As I grow older, my soul is young, my heart is young.

I respect youth and see them changing the world. It is important not to tell them what to do.

As a member of a ruling family, I use my position to understand their thinking; to listen to them, to inspire them, to talk to them and to give them hope... They can be so motivated and so powerful.