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Why to Dream?

Why to Dream?


“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney. Dreams come as soon as we are able to imagine. Imagine and dream with things that are unattainable at the moment. Moments to start building a new future is when you are young. Young enough, to keep going no matter what. What are you doing others would say? Say to them you are doing what others didn’t dare to. To dream because it is giving a higher aim to your life. Life is better if you have dreams to live and not just to think about it.


Dreams are the motor of this world. World that has been created as perfect as you. You are perfect to exist in order to achieve a positive change. Change can be good or bad or ugly … it all about our choices. Decide if you want to be part of what already exists or create new ideas. Ideas can come to solve a problem and help others. The world need more people that know how to dream. Dream at night and wake up motivated to work harder and wiser for your dreams and give them to the world.


Inspiration is as easy as to realize you are fortunate. Fortunate enough to be alive today and to read this. This is just to keep you inspired for your dreams. Dreams come true for those who are willing to be different. Different thoughts bring real solutions to our challenges. Challenges that we have created must be solved by our dreams that come together. Together we’ll achieve peace and love for our souls. Souls that love because is what keeps the world moving and we can move and change together.

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