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Travel, travel and travel!

Travel, travel and travel!


A thought comes to me that if humans could invest more time in real experiences of travel and self-fulfillment than in accumulating things in a garage; here’s how I would explain it :


1. Connection. We live so connected¨ to the Wi-Fi that we forget really often that the marvelous places that we see through the screen of our devices are actually real and thousand times more astounding if we could only connect with nature and ourselves physically.

2. Learning. Normally, we think education is the only way to learn and this is a misconception very well spread. Education is just one way to get knowledge. Another kind, lies out there! In the experience of the daily life and wisdom of other people that you get if you dare to go out of your comfort zone.

3. Experience. This is one of my favorite due to all the amazing circumstances you will face once you take your first step out of your home. The world is full of interesting people , cultures , religion , food and different ways people lead their life; it is humbling to see the diverse world we live in; Imagine all that you had had learnt until now just by living.

4. Creativity. This happens when you are able to be outside your usual zone, it offers you the opportunity to put together two apparently distant points, and the result is innovation. Many of the greatest ideas I had had are while traveling; pulling me out of the usual auto piloted daily routine enabling me to feel new experiences as well as stepping out of the box; enabling me to look at things from a different angle and in most occasions something new.

5. Tolerance. Yes, you will deal with things that are not under your control and you have to accept them and go on. Not used to have things out of control could be really stressful, such as missing a flight or not finding a place to sleep. But if you can face these challenges focus in the experience as a whole, you will become more tolerant and positive even under stressful events. Not all is in our control and that is perfectly fine.

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