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Passion as the ultimate source of inner energy

Passion as the ultimate source of inner energy


Energy breeds energy, and drives all our lives. Of course, physical energy exists but mental energy is even more mystical in itself. Mental energy rises and falls with the interest and commitment of what we are doing. It flows and is not a fixed substance. It is very common to see how we feel an impulse of extra energy in the things we love to do - those activities of where we feel completely natural and keen to participate in. Conversely, the kind of activities we don’t like to do, get us tired in just seconds, even if we were fully energized just a few seconds prior.


This auto-generation of energy starts in your state of flow: when your attention and efforts are invested in realistic goals and when your skills match the opportunity for action, they become a greater flux of energy. Then, the activity that consumes us becomes rewarding. Being in this ‘flow’ creates energy and brings a sense of the ‘relaxed state of mind’. A feeling that is natural to be doing what you are doing, and it encourages … even energizes you over again, and again.

In fact, it generates energy by itself. You are not spending energy, but investing energy that will bring you more vitality instead of fatigue. There are also physiological changes in our body that may occur, like a release of endorphins in the brain; adrenaline in the body that allows us to keep focus; a faster-beating heart rate; and more intense breathing. In conclusion, you can realize that the greatest source of energy in our lives is generated by doing something that you love to do. Follow that passion, and let it energize you all the way!

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