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Surround yourself with positive people

Surround yourself with positive people


It’s well known that the people you share the most time with shape you. So, why do we care less about this than other topics for our social health?

The friends, family, and associates we surround ourselves with in our daily lives could influence us, and promote our best or worst version of ourselves. To recognize who has a positive effect on our thoughts and behavior is not as clear as we could think.

How to recognize people who boost you up?

1.      They are people who choose positive views of life even in worst scenarios.

2.      They take you up when you feel down.

3.      They care about you.   

4.      They can be role models in life, from where you can learn to improve your knowledge, self-esteem, experience, and happiness.

5.      They have the time to hear you, share their opinions, and love you without conditions, despite any differences.

6.      They invite you to be active. To grow socially, mentally, and physically.


Why avoid people who drain your energy?


1.      People who are not happy with their lives will use you as a bin for mental trash. Most of the time, they use friends to deposit their anger and frustration.  

2.      They could bring down your current perspective of life, because negative people feel and think everything is wrong at all moments, resulting in them energetically draining you for your vitality and optimism.

3.      It is normal to feel sad at times, but it will only get worse if you have an extra input of negativity from others. 

4.      Many times, negative people don’t realize their attitudes in life, because their thought patterns have become habitual. They could be angry with you for no reason.

5.      Negative people try to make you feel less than whole, so they can feel better themselves. They are in a vicious circle, which you could become part of if you choose to make them part of your life.

6.      In the end, it’s your choice. Do you choose those who empower you, or those who bring you down?

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